Secrets To The Perfect Dinner Party

Celebrating special moments with friends and family at home is not only a timeless tradition … but today it’s a growing part of life’s ‘new normal’. Cocktail and dinner parties are fun and can be amazingly stress-free when done right. Here are our top three tips to ensure your next party is a huge hit!

1. Have A Theme

Now, you don’t have to go crazy with a Great Gatsby or Arabian Nights theme and force guests to wear fancy dress (although you could!) but your party should have a theme. When you invite guests, let them know the theme. Pull together a 3-hour playlist that you set to ‘random’ and on ‘repeat’ when the party begins. Add candles and other touches like themed napkins to give your party a wonderful ambience.

2. Keep Hands Busy

One of the oldest tricks event planners employ for a successful party is to keep the alcohol flowing and make sure there’s always something tempting close by! Have a welcome cocktail matching your theme ready for guests as soon as they enter. Be sure to stock the bar and have enough wine on hand. Until the meal is served, have tasty canapés and charcuterie platters spread out around the room for guests to nibble.

3. Go Easy: 3 Courses

While you can go ‘family style’ and put out all the food at once like at some parties, for the perfect dinner party you’ll want to serve courses. Don’t make it overly complicated, though. Serve lots of fresh bread and a classic three course meal! 

  • Starter: Be sure to serve a minimum of three starter options to ensure there’s something for everyone. We’d suggest a mix like a vegetarian salad, prawns, and something to spread on bread.
  • Main: For your mains, go with a fish or meat dish and vegetarian pasta. Add sides like vegetables and rice to round it out.
  • Dessert: Have chilled Champagne or Cava waiting on ice and serve it with your favourite dessert. Have sorbet or ice cream on hand for anyone who prefers that.

Follow these three simple tips and your party will be a huge hit. Best of all, every guest will leave absolutely delighted!

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